CERTIFY Launches CERTIFY.me Cloud Powered by Splunk

Reopen Responsibly with Health and Business Data Insights


CERTIFY Global is an innovative software organization that offers a wide range of solutions, including biometric authentication, healthcare administration, COVID-19 vaccination scheduling and credentials, payment processing, thermal scanning and telemedicine. Organizations of all types and sizes can leverage CERTIFY’s suite of products to optimize their identification, communication, payment and health management.

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About Splunk

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) turns data into doing with the Data-to-Everything Platform. Splunk technology is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze and act on data at any scale, from any source over any time period. The Data-to-Everything platform removes the barriers between data and action, so our customers — regardless of size or business — have the freedom to deliver meaningful outcomes across their entire organization. Our unique approach to data has empowered companies to improve service levels, reduce operations costs, mitigate risk, enhance DevOps collaboration and create new product and service offerings.


Today CERTIFY Global Inc., an innovator in the authentication and healthcare technology industries, and Splunk Inc., provider of the Data-to-Everything™ platform, launched their joint offering, CERTIFY.me Cloud powered by Splunk. This new product combines CERTIFY’s leading thermal scanner, the SnapXT, and their CERTIFY.me Cloud service with Splunk’s big data platform. With this addition to CERTIFY’s offering, organizations can track the health data the SnapXT devices accumulate over time and analyze this information to extract actionable business and public health insights.

“The investments that companies make in creating a more physically safe and secure business environment will be a critical driver in employee satisfaction, business operations and brand value,” said Lerry C Wilson, Senior Director, New Markets and Innovation at Splunk. “By combining Splunk’s real-time investigative data platform with the CERTIFY SaaS solutions, enterprise-class customers have continuous monitoring of policies, procedures and people that can be used to maintain business continuity and minimize risk for everyone in their business environment.

The CERTIFY SnapXT device is a touchless thermal scanner that accurately measures an individual’s temperature in less than one second. Currently, there are roughly 11,000 SnapXT devices deployed globally at 800+ organizations across 21+ industries. Some key features include fever and mask detection, anonymous or identified scanning options, facial recognition, and access management.

The CERTIFY.me Cloud, the accompanying cloud service for the SnapXT hosted by Microsoft Azure, is now powered by Splunk. This integration includes pre-built Splunk dashboards for various user profiles and the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) of interest for each. These KPIs range from temperatures, various symptom and contact-tracing questionnaire responses, check-in/attendance tracking, traffic patterns, and more.

Regarding the new tool, CERTIFY Global President Nikolaus Ziegler commented, “This partnership is an exciting opportunity for new and existing SnapXT customers to leverage the data the devices collect to optimize organizational outcomes. The CERTIFY team is looking forward to collaborating with an industry leader like Splunk to provide even more to our clients.”

This joint offering enables organizations to back their COVID-19 management strategy with real-time data in order to reopen responsibly in the pandemic. For more information, visit https://certify.me.

Begin Today

CERTIFY.me Cloud powered by Splunk is available immediately via CERTIFY-authorized sales professionals or ordered through the CERTIFY.me website. The complete hardware and software systems can be installed and operational in two days with facilities and IT support from the customer. Powered by Splunk functionality for CERTIFY is priced on a per device/per month metric and hosted in the CERTIFY.me Cloud. Contact sales@ certifyglobal.com to learn more.

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