Optimize your data with SnapXT powered by Splunk

SnapXT powered by Splunk is a hardware-to-cloud solution leveraging both the SnapXT’s access control capabilities & Splunk’s industry-leading big data platform.

With SnapXT powered Splunk you can:

  • Continuously track data with KPIs such as temperature readings, mask detections, traffic patterns and more
  • Store information from the SnapXT device including facial recognition data and questionnaire responses
  • Integrate with timecard and attendance systems to easily sync employee data and clock-in/out information across systems

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Body Temperature Scanner

Your Data Analytics, Your Way

  • Leverage pre-built templates or create your own dashboards with customized KPIs
  • Connects to CERTIFY.me Portal for seamless data storage & flows
  • Visualize and monitor patterns over time
  • Retrieve actionable data insights to optimize your health and business information

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