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Thermal Imaging solution &  Compliance Management Made Secure, Simple, and Integrated.

Since 2012, CERTIFY has been a leading provider of customer engagement and authentication technologies. We serve millions of users and merchants around the world, all with the common mandate to provide secure flexible engagement solutions in a HiTrust & HIPAA compliant environment.

Leading Provider of Thermal Imaging &  Policy Enforcement


The CERTIFY SnapXT accurately measures an individual’s temperature in less than one second. Our predefined workflows can be customized to alert personnel of individuals who engage the CERTIFY solution with a temperature that exceeds the threshold set by you.

Stadiums & Venues


Travel & Hospitality

Schools & Higher Education

Finance & Technology

Manufacturing & Facilities


How Certify Works for Your  Organization

Body Temperature Scanner


  • Touchless Onboarding, Thermal Imaging solution & Daily Check-in  COVID-19 Questionnaires
  • Auto Notifications can be sent for high temp
  • Auto Notifications can be sent for missed temp screening

Visitors and Vendors


  • Touchless Onboarding
  • Thermal Scan & Check-in
  • Reportable, Auditable & Compliant
  • Anonymous or Identified
  • Auto Notifications and Configurations
Body Temperature Scanner
Body Temperature Scanner



  • Touchless Anonymous Customer Temperature Check
  • Automatic Front Desk Notification of High Temp
  • Touchless Enrollment

We are Easy to Adopt and Even Easier to Use


CERTIFY SnapXT utilizes API’s and integration technologies to communicate with your pre-existing systems so you can seamlessly incorporate our device into your daily experience. 


At CERTIFY, we make system integration simple and are committed to making every company feel safer with our technology. 

CERTIFY  works with the best brands across the globe to provide a best-in-class solution that helps solve labor-related challenges that plague many industries.

Explore Our  Platform

This is your dashboard / backend manager; view all the most important information about checked-in users

View the device’s API credentials

View the report for any user’s high temperature, with reference to the recorded temperature and time of entrance, name of the person, and also their picture

Here you will find every member who is registered on the devices 

Our devices and portals are very customizable, so you can effortlessly change your prefered temperature notification settings

When using the SnapXT, device managers have the option to screen users with customizable questionnaires, perfect for daily utilization in the COVID-19 era.

The CERTIFY Portal allows device managers to send out SMS / text message QR Codes to users for simple touchless registration

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.