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Use Cases

CERTIFY solutions with the most innovative leaders in the industry to help teams achieve a better way to work.

Anonymous Thermal Imaging

Take the temperature of customers and/or employees anonymously through a thermal imaging solution, temperature display, and customized on-screen messages.

Semi-Anonymous Thermal Imaging Solution

Get all the features of the anonymous temperature imaging but if a high temperature is detected, the device will capture an image of that individual to notify all necessary parties.

Semi-Anonymous: Thermal Imaging , Display Temp, Customized On-Screen Messages, HighTemperature Image Capture

Body Temperature Scanner

Identified Imaging Solution

The identified imaging uses facial recognition, an access card, NFC, RFID, or QR code followed by the thermal imaging for efficient identification of staff members.

COVID-19 Questionnaires

Protect your organization by enabling a customized questionnaire that all members are required to fill out before the SnapXT grants them access through the doors.

The perfect method for ensuring that SnapXT supports your organization’s safety standards

Fever Detection Covid,

Policy Enforcement

  • You can create real-time notifications for individuals with high temperatures or “yes” responses to COVID-19 Questionnaires.
  • SMS, E-Mail Notifications and Dashboard Reporting on “Questionnaire Answered in the Affirmative” or “High Temperature”
  • Customizable Real-Time “Stay at Home” Messaging for Questionnaire Answered in the Affirmative

QR Code Utilization

  • Members can scan a QR Code that is Printed and on display at your location.
  • This workflow is best for anonymous individuals that have arrived at your location who are not yet members of your organization.
  • Members can board via a customized link or a QR code that is on display at the location. Multiple Links and QR Codes can be unique, depending upon the Type of Member that is registering.
Body Temperature Scanner

Access Control

You decide who and under what conditions SnapXT grants access to. If you prefer additional security features such as PPE detection and facial detection, SnapXT allows you to customize terms of access that align with your company’s policies.

Doors or gates open under your company’s terms

Facial Recognition

CERTIFY SnapXT utilizes advanced technology to read facial structures via live video. We ensure accurate detection in a sub-second.

Facial Recognition

For Your Industry

CERTIFY is committed to serving every company’s needs, whether big or small. We are dedicated to improving the safety of your company, which means CERTIFY is constantly evolving. Contact us for further information on how we are the perfect fit for your organization.

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